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Hi; Just saying thanks for a great product that shows results. I've been battling acid reflux for about a year and tried so many things including diet changes , supplements etc...your tea really seems to balance your system so well; at first it almost had a slight laxative effect yet it's my system purging itself from toxins ets...then as I got use to the tea my reflux really improved tremendously. I've had bouts of ibs as well for almost 10 years so glad the tea helps your digestion and I see improvements already....I'm 45 and I recently took a trip and forgot to bring the tea because was making improvements with it prior to the trip; in any case I got lax and forgot to take the tea for another week then realized to get back on the tea with daily discipline and wow back to great results !!!! And added benefits to lungs, liver and other organs is just another amazing attribute to this tea; oh also losing the belly fat which is harder to get rid of when your in your 40's is just another plus to Holy Tea. I can see why it's called Holy Tea because it's simply a gift from God's garden; thanks for Dr. Miller in putting such a healthy product together......I plan to be a daily user and urge others with acid reflux or digestive issues to try Holy Tea for at least a month; I'll be re-ordering next month for sure......Thanks Again for The blessed Holy Tea :) Patrick Long Island, NY.


This is Karen's testimony for Dr. Miller's YouTHIN and how she connected the dots.
Hi my name is Karen and I wanted to say that I'm in shock to what is happening to me. Let me explain, this could take awhile. I am 43 years old, hypo-thyroid, and imbalanced as far as hormones go. I have struggled with my weight, CRAVINGS for sugar & junk carbs, over eating to make me feel better, which only made me feel worse. I have been in a complete circle most of my life. I have tried every diet, vitamin, and pill known to man through the years. Appetite suppressants, doctors, everything to stop these cravings and binging. Needless to say NOTHING worked. I ordered the YouTHIN plan because I am already on the tea and didn't know that the pills go with it.

So I said heck, the tea works so I wonder what the pills will do. Now please keep in mind that when I was eating junk my face bloated up and I looked sickly, I'm 50 pounds over weight which I have lost & gained back through the years. I am an emotional eater also. Ok I got the pills and it hasn't been a week yet and I have NO CRAVINGS.

None, nada, zilch, zip. :) My first food of choice when the craving hits is Chinese food. I'll get a dinner with the rice & sauces, at least 2 sides, egg drop soup and a soda. I will eat all of it until I'm sick and I feel worse the next day. My favorite is the Teriyaki Beef sticks. So the other day I thought mmmmm what do I want for lunch that's quick. I had no desire to buy out the whole restaurant, I bought ONE order of beef sticks. I got home and ate only 2 with a salad that was just made of Arugula, Lemon Juice & real Parmesan cheese. Needless to say I did not feel sick, I did not crave anymore either. Which I was afraid of. I have to point out that this has been going on since I started this plan. I used to eat when I get upset and I HAVEN'T DONE THAT. My brain flashes a moment to do it and it's just a split second then it's gone. I don't eat out of anger or depression anymore. It is Oct so I bought some candy like I usually do. I used to eat the whole bowl. I can actually have 1 small candy bar and NOT CRAVE anymore.

I eat one thing or have dinner and I eat until I'm satisfied. I don't have to clean my plate and everyone else's. I HAVE LOST 7 POUNDS also. Now I want to give some words of wisdom to others that have the habit of cleaning their plate to help those that are like I was.

We are programmed when we are young to FINISH our plate. It's wasteful, other people are starving. LISTEN UP FOLKS. If you think you are wasting your food because you are not eating it. YOU ARE WRONG. You are wasting by EATING it also. Why??? Because your body only uses what it needs anyways. So when you eat that extra food, it's still going to waste. Either as Fat, or in the toilet. Here's something else. The tea only helps keep your digestion moving, so BUY THE YOU-THIN. Why??? Because like me, it won't do any good if you keep shoving junk in your mouth. Your defeating the purpose. So bottom line, try the whole plan. See if what happened to me will happen to you.
To a better life for all of us.


This is Holly’s testimony for Dr. Miller's Holy Tea and how it changed her life forever.
I have to tell you that Holy Tea has basically saved my life. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and a bad back and neck. Life has not been easy for me for quite a few years and I have lived in major pain. In 2006 I moved to Nevada from California. I had been eating organic food and living mostly a vegetarian life. After relocating, organic food was hard to find and expensive. I became more of a meat and potatoes eater which was a big mistake for my digestive system. I developed severe stomach pains and constipation, both of which were misdiagnosed. These symptoms continued off and on causing me to double over in pain at times.  By December 2008 things got really ugly and I had to go to the emergency room. I was told I have a large ovarian dermoid cyst that would require surgery. I elected to try a healthier diet and alternative treatment.
I didn't know about Dr. Miller's Holy Tea at the time. I told a friend what was happening and he suggested using the tea. Basically with a new diet, eating regularly, and drinking 6 to 8 oz of warm Holy Tea after each meal, I am a new person. . Not only has the tea helped save my life, I think along with my health regimen, I will eventually be rid of fibromyalgia and all the other problems my body has at the age of 62. I’ve also noticed that all of my pain has decreased.
I’ve never believed people's testimonies before, but I have a HUGE one for this product! Dr. Miller's Holy Tea REALLY DOES WORK because of the correct combination of the herbs used. I also see why people lose weight with it because it helps to clean your system.
 Thank you Dr. Miller!!!! And to my dear friend who introduced me to the Holy Tea!


Dr. Miller, keep up the good work. Your tea has helped save my life!

Dear Dr. Miller and Joanne, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for producing Holy Tea. In 2000, I suffered from breathing obstructions and the doctors did not know the root cause of my problems. I had surgery to remove scar tissue and several inches from my trachea. Later in 2003 I had a saliva test and was diagnosed with Candida. I sought help from a holistic doctor and she prescribed all types of herbs. I spent hundreds of dollars and stayed on a very restrictive diet. After I started feeling better thinking the yeast was totally out of my system, I would resume eating all the foods in moderation. Unfortunately the Candida would reappear and I would have to start the whole process over again. In 2004, my breathing obstruction problems emerged again. Doctors prescribed many acid reflux medications for me but I refuse to be loaded down with medications. I have been using Holy Tea for only two weeks and "Wow!" What a difference two weeks has made. The herbs in Holy Tea have been very effective in cleaning out my digestive tract, so much so, that I have been sharing this product with everyone I know. I’m experiencing more energy than I have had in years. Since I found this marvelous tea I am receiving total relief. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. May God bless you for all your efforts. I encourage you to continue doing good for the people that need relief and release from the sicknesses that have tried to invade their bodies. Holy Tea is a blessing……Cyndee


Dear Dr. Miller  I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful Miracle Tea. I started drinking your tea 7 months ago and have not missed a day since. When I started I had been suffering with IBS for 5 years and quite frankly was a mess. I was losing weight, could hardly eat anything without feeling miserable. I can now tell you I am 80% better, more energy, sleep much better, food actually taste good to me again and I have gained 10 lbs which I really needed to do. I am 65 and now I can walk 4 miles at a fast pace, 55 min, every morning and am riding my bike 4-5 miles and rebounding every day. Wow, is it ever great to feel good again. I had forgot what it was like to feel good. If I could choose only one supplement, your Miracle Tea would be my choice!! Thank you so much for giving my life back!!!! Gary in SC